Research and technology transfer

The participation of companies in the JobsAcademy classroom produces a wide range of opportunities and cooperation.

In these years, thanks to work with our business partners, JobsAcademy has set up categories of projects such as:

  •  Product innovation
  •  Process innovation
  •  Search for new markets
  •  Research projects
  •  Patents
  • Start-ups

The companies, in addition to searching for highly specialized staff with outstanding problem solving skills, are a constant pool of input, ideas, new projects and challenges.

The JobsAcademy classroom becomes the place where supply meets demand.


Improving the environmental and social of the economy and local area for sustainable development by integrating environmental and social considerations within business strategies.

JobsAcademy provides “green” training in all training courses offered in order to provide its students with a wealth of knowledge and expertise on the following topics:

  •  Green and sustainable purchases
  •  Social responsibility of organizations
  •  Sustainable local developmentv
  •  Sustainable planning
  • Identification of the process of “greening” for professional staff

Each company is in a relationship of interdependence with others such as institutions, customers, businesses, suppliers, partners, non-profit organizations, education and training agencies.

And therefore must learn to cooperate with all these bodies to live in a social, economic and environmental context which is rapidly changing.

It thus becomes necessary to experience the change first-hand, monitoring, editing, optimizing, and reconverting processes and habits to virtuously follow the entire journey towards environmental sustainability.

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